Summer Research

In the summer of 2020, I worked with Grey McCarthy and Tony Tang on a research project classifying certain types of highly symmetric graphs. Click the video on the right to see their virtual poster presentation form the fall. For more information on my future student project proposals, please see my research statement.

Higman-Sims Graph drawing, based on the construction of Paul R. Hafner: "On the Graphs of Hoffman-Singleton and Higman-Sims", The Electronic Journal of combinatorics 11 (2004).

Directed Reading Program

A directed reading program is an opportunity for graduate students to mentor undergraduates on an advanced topic in mathematics that is not necessarily part of the standard undergraduate regimen. In 2016, I mentored an undergraduate student on the subject of graph theory. Other topics that have been chosen in the past are combinatorics, cryptography, representation theory, geometry, number theory, financial mathematics, and stochastic processes.

Click here to visit the website for the Directed Reading Program at Indiana University, where I have been a graduate student organizer since Spring 2017.

For more information about starting a directed reading program at your institution, please visit this website for more information.

Groups Scholars Program

The Groups Scholars Program is an initiative to help first-generation, underrepresented students succeed in college. Many of the courses I have taught have been geared toward students in this program.

Algebra Qualifying Exam Prep

Click here to access the study guide I developed for the Jump Start program, which helps graduates students prepare for their qualifying exams in Algebra.

All of IU's past Tier I exams can be found here.

The questions are divided into four main categories (not necessarily mutually exclusive, however):

  • Linear Algebra

  • Group Theory

  • Rings

  • Fields

Construction of the Clebsch graph from a hypercube graph by David Epstein.