Consulting Work

In addition to my work in quantum algebra, I also pursued and completed a Masters of Science in Applied Statistics in the Spring of 2017. In the process, I completed several consulting projects for various people on campus, some of which can be found below. I also worked for a year in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning at University of Louisville before coming to graduate school. I am proficient in both SAS and R, as well as Mathematica and Python.

Consulting Projects

  • Efficacy of Camp "Yes And" for students with communication disorders. (Report)
  • Efficacy of various learning acquisition strategies. (Report)
  • Efficacy of fidelity monitoring in Tennessee clinics. (Report)
  • Effects of soil type of cherry tree growth. (Report)
  • Dialect bias in Puerto Rico. (Report)
  • Epistemic modality differences between native and non-native English speakers. (Report)