I have been the instructor of record on a wide variety of courses. At the end of the 2020-2021 academic year, I will have taught 32 courses: 21 semester-long courses, 7 eight week courses, and 4 Summer courses. I received the Rothrock Teaching Fellowship from the Mathematics Department during my third year in graduate school in recognition of my excellence in teaching. I have also been involved heavily with the course development of our flagship program, Finite Mathematics, including the creation of new course content for the department.

While a Visiting Assistant Professor at Denison, I have enjoyed teaching calculus, as well as introductory and advanced statistics. I use R in all of my statistics courses. I strive to use innovative teaching methods in all my courses. The pandemic allowed me to rethink how I delivered lectures to my students, and I decided to switch to a flipped classroom model. An example of one of my mini-lectures can be found in the YouTube video on this page. I have also switched to a project-based assessment in my introductory statistics course

Active Learning

Beginning in Summer 2018, I have been heavily involved with transitioning one of our flagship courses to an active learning model. I created new content and developed teaching strategies for this new version of the course and have witnessed a drastic improvement in the learning outcomes of my students. A selection of activities I designed for my courses can be found below.


I am committed to fostering a safe and inclusive environment for all students. I also understand that implicit bias can affect those even in a subject like mathematics, and I work to overcome those obstacles within my courses by recognizing the challenges of teaching a diverse student body and by ensuring the representation of all students in my course material and policies. Click here for my full diversity statement.

Teaching Evaluations

All of my teaching evaluations can be found here . Note: Course evaluations from Fall 2013 couldn't be accessed, and Summer 2014 and 2015 evaluations were completed on paper and can no longer be accessed.

Courses Taught

  • Basic Algebra

  • Basic Algebra for Finite Mathematics

  • Introduction to Finite Math I (Click here to see a sample active learning activity annotated.)

  • Introduction to Finite Math II (Click here to see a sample active learning activity annotated.)

  • Applied Brief Calculus for the Life Sciences

  • Single-Variable Calculus

  • Introduction to Problem Solving - Honors

  • Introduction to Statistics

  • Applied Statistics

For a full description of these courses, please see my CV.